For many reasons, institutional and commercial organizations treasure their historic buildings and photographs. These visuals help organizations create or maintain an image, as well as, educate us about their history. Often these visual images feature beautiful or unusual architecture and unique events in the life of the organization.  A design plan that incorporates historical photographs and memorabilia helps to emphasize the significance of an organization within the community and showcases the unique flavor of the particular institution or organization.

The process normally begins by surveying and identifying the building’s architectural characteristics and the associated memorabilia currently available.  Next we research and investigate the relevant facts associated with the organization. Whether the project is a historical renovation or new construction, respecting and enhancing the building’s architectural features is paramount.  We work closely with project architects and interior designers to make sure our services enhance and respect the original integrity of their design vision.

After researching and identifying the most historically significant memorabilia, we pinpoint which items may require the procurement of reproduction rights.  This is done due to the fact that projects of this type most often incorporate the reproduction, enlargement and enhancement of existing images generated by another party.

Once a placement plan has been developed, individual sizes, treatments and frame styles are determined for each of the photographic images involved.  Next the process of digitizing, enlarging and restoring the images takes place.  In some cases large-scale collages are created for reproduction as wallpaper murals, while in other cases original images may be rematted and framed.  Services also include onsite installation.  

PHOTO ENLARGEMENTS: on stretched canvas

One of numerous installations at Troy University.