Commissioned Art

Hope has been working as a fine artist, creating private, public and corporate commissions for over 25 years.  Her range and flexibility is apparent and includes everything from tumbling children’s figures cut from wood, historical photographic installations, patterns for architectural glass etchings, illustrations for book covers, custom works from her personal series, to compilations of the Great Wall of China, designed and scaled to be reproduced as gigantic wall murals.

From concept to completion, Hope works closely with her clients to bring the concept or idea to fruition. Whether you are commissioning large or small, commercial, public or private works, the process remains the same.  Her particular creative vision is a part of every project, but preconceived ideas are not. Designs typically develop from discussions with clients about their specific needs and interests.

For this type of work, Hope likes to use a process she refers to as the six “C”s.  The process begins with a CONVERSATION about the scope and scale of the project; the clients needs, likes and dislikes; architectural specifications; fabrics, furnishings and finishes; delivery and installation; and the style of art that will best project the clients image, brand or corporate model. In the best-case scenario, the art is seamlessly integrated into the design, not only adding to the value of the building or home but also creating a unique statement for the client. Upon returning to her studio, she begins working on the CONCEPT through researching the subject, types of media and designs, as well as, planning the art for the specific space within the allotted budget.  COLLABORATION of the ideas occurs during a presentation of a variety of ideas to the client and stakeholders for selection, approval or revision, culminating in a final presentation for approval before the actual production begins.  Throughout the CREATION of the work, we continue our COMMUNICATION through e-mail and photographs or in person to ensure the work is developing as expected.  And finally, after delivery, documentation and installation, we encourage the client to join in a CELEBRATION by showing off the installed work to friends and associates.  Nothing makes a building project appear as finished, or sophisticated, as a great work of art developed specifically for a particular architectural space.  

LIFE-SIZE FIGURES: corridor installation, series of 10 figures 

Commissioned by Hatcher Designs for Children’s Hospital, Birmingham, Alabama.


TO FIND THE PRAYING MANTIS: watercolor collage, 48″x 48″

One of two commissioned for installation at UAB Hospital on the fifth floor of the women’s pavilion. 


SHALL WE GATHER: watercolor, 48″x 48″

Commissioned by Trinity Episcopal Church for the cover of the Shall We Gather cookbook.  


THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA: wallpaper installation, 7′-2″ x 75′-0″ 

Commissioned by Troy University for installation in Bibb Graves Hall.